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Seeing this title at a glance, you might tend to just conclude that being anti-social is when you don’t mix up with friends, party with them, or visit fun places as often as you should; instead you’d rather concentrate on your phone and chat away. But that is very far from the truth, if you’d rather stay on your phone all day than mingle with people, you are suffering from a condition called “Nomophobia” (No Mobile Phone Phobia) a term created by British researchers in 2008 to identify people who experience anxiety when they have no access to mobile technology, and which I shall look into someday. Now, that we know that wanting to stay on your phone all the time is not exactly the same thing as being antisocial, let’s delve into what anti-social disorder is, and what are the signs to look for to determine you are anti-social or someone you know is.

Anti-social disorder is a condition which goes beyond a person simply not wanting to be around others; it is in fact a brain disorder that has a variety of outward signs, the hallmarks of an antisocial personality could be on display right in front of us, and many of us might fail to take notice of them or we might just casually explain them away. But even if we do that, one thing is certain about people with anti-social disorder; their behaviors could be harmful to other people around them. So, you might want to read through these 7 signs, and if some of them ring true with you, you just might be anti-social or dealing with one.

  1. You Have Trouble Conforming To Social Norms:

An individual who is typically more likely to engage in illegal things or have less regard for laws or observing the rules of society than most other people could be said to be anti-social. This kind of behavior generally starts from childhood and is often exhibited in school, where you may have been repeatedly suspended or even kicked out of school for avoidable bad behavior.

  1.  You Display A Reckless Disregard For Your Own Safety Or The Safety Of Others:

If you take a lot of uncalculated risks in your everyday life, something as simple as drinking and driving or speeding and driving recklessly, without having concern for other drivers on the road and how they might be harmed by your driving habits, it could mean you are anti-social. Also, when you do not care about what happens to other people in any situation you find yourself; it might just be a warning signal that you are anti-social.

  1. You Are Unable To Show Remorse After Mistreating Others:

We all sometimes hurt people that we love or that we are friends with, but if you often show a lack of remorse when you have hurt or mistreated a person, or you simply don’t have the ability to feel sympathy or empathy for others and have no feelings of guilt when you have hurt someone, and most times you don’t even notice you have hurt people’s feelings; you might just be anti-social. Lots of young people who feel they are too handsome or pretty and that they are God’s special gift to the opposite sex often display this tendency.

  1. Gross Irresponsibility To Your Family And Job:

Anti-social personalities tend to shirk responsibility and have a hard time dealing with any obligations at all; they sometimes feel these things are not worth their time caring about. They have the capability to take care of their family and to succeed on their job but yet; they are mostly irresponsible when it comes to those two aspects of their lives.

  1. Unnecessary Aggression And Irritability:

If you are often aggressive and irritable without a commensurate cause, and you tend to get involved in a variety of physical altercations, you are likely an anti-social personality. I have had friends, who get irritated at the sight of policemen or other officers of the law for no reason, and their first reaction whenever they were pulled over was aggression; I eventually had to stop riding with such fellows for fear of stray bullets from an equally angry policeman. I also once had a flatmate whose reaction to everything was physical fight, I had to quit the house for him the day he was looking for a gospel CD which cost N100, and he was threatening to break my head with bottle if he couldn’t find it.

  1. You Take Pleasure In Mistreating People:

If you are often cruel to other people just for the sake of it, or you have been involved in a series of abusive relationships where you physically and emotionally mistreated people just to satisfy yourself or make you feel in control; this is a good indication that you are anti-social.

  1. You Have Not Regard For Others And Their Properties:

There was a story of a girl who set her boyfriend’s Range Rover on fire because he cheated on her or something of sort; I also have dated a girl who would break everything breakable in the house once we were having petty quarrels. My former flatmate I talked about earlier would break everything in his girlfriend’s bag, tore her cloth and destroy her necklace or any accessories she was wearing anytime they were fighting, these kind of people suffer from anti-social disorder, and do not observe social rules in order to coexist in today’s society, and they are likely going to encounter a lot of trouble in social situations and relationships throughout their lives.


So if you have one or several of these traits, there is a good chance you may be suffering from anti-social personality disorder, and there are many reasons that can lead to this disorder, out of which some might be beyond your individual control. Part of the cause could be how you were raised, where you grew up, your social surrounding and home environment; while part of it may be genetic. Most times, your parents might have exhibited these same symptoms and issues in the past, and if you look at other members of your family, you may see similar behavior patterns. But regardless of the cause, it is completely within your control to start dealing with other people in a fair and reasonable manner and to stay out of trouble, realize that it is up to you to make a conscious decision to seek treatment for this disorder and then to make the choice of receiving the appropriate therapy by finding a suitable doctor or therapist to talk to. Stay Blessed.

Christopher Bamidele

Christopher Bamidele

Chris Bamidele is a passionate and unapologetic Nigerian; an amateur writer and aspiring TV director who holds a first degree in Mass Communication, but majored in Radio and TV Broadcasting. He is cool headed, a realist, and an optimist to the core. Chris Bamidele blogs African stories on www.degreatest2.wordpress.com and tweets @degreatest2. He currently lives in Lagos.

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