VIDEO: TB Joshua Speaks On Boko Haram, Chibok Girls, Warns Nigerian Politicians!!!

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To add further gravity to his well-publicised, controversial comments on Boko Haram, the abducted Chibok schoolgirls and Nigeria’s political elite, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has released a video on YouTube of the sermon he delivered on Sunday 4th May 2014 where he frankly addressed the contentious issues.
It is well worth a watch…



–Ihechukwu Njokwu

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  1. prophet TB Joshua may god bless you . I really appreciate what you said regarding our people Nigerian about the way they destroy the image our country with the word of their mouth most especially our people staying abroad thinking that is the end of the life . . there is an adage that says in Yoruba language that a river that forgot its source would dry . I as a person knows that Nigeria is a bless nation by God and I know that very soon everything would be in order by God grace and those people destroying the image of the country will now see that the rejected stone is now the corner stone according to the scripture . I pray that by the special grace of god that my country Nigeria will be a testimony in jesus name I pray.. Amen

  2. There was no content in the first ten minutes of that sermon. I gave up after ten minutes. He spoke words without meaning and pretended they were ‘parables’. This so-called prophet likes the sound of his voice too much.

  3. Our thoughts and prayers to all the families of these poor innocent girls. TB Joshua is saying that these Boko Haram guys have evil spirits as their weapons, not guns and bombs. Where are all the prophets and pastors of Nigeria at this time? Can they not come together in prayer and conquer these devils? Can they not march to the north and chase these devils?
    Men of God, defend your titles !

  4. Sure they are full of demons and evil spirits,but our God is so faithfull he cant leave this evil to go on,let pray hadly and destroy all evils in Nigeria In The might name of Jesus Christ the king of all universal.and please TB Joshua Ur are our father please just announce the fasting prayers to all christians people will respond,let’s pray for Nigeria and Africa at all.

  5. i wonder aw some piple tink, aw wld u say men of god shld defend dia title, avent dey praied? wat else do u want dem to do? take a step dat is not directed by god? pls tink

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