VERDICT REACHED: Samsung to pay Apple 200 billion Naira in patent damages

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The jury has reached a verdict in the mega-trial and circus known as the Apple vs. Samsung trial. If you’ve not been paying attention, Apple says that Samsung violated more patents with more devices and they should pay $2 billion in damages. Samsung feels differently, and says that Apple violated some of their patents and needs to pay. Google is saying this one is basically between Apple And Samsung.


After deliberation, the jury finds:

Samsung is guilty of violating patent 5,946,647 (the autocorrect text entry patent) with all devices named in this Suit.
.Samsung was found not guilty of violating the 6.847.959 patent (Apple’s Spotlight search).
Samsung was found not guilty of violating the 7,761,414 patent (data synchronization patent).Samsung was found guilty of violating the 8,046,721 patent (slide-to-unlock) on some devices named, but not all.

The jury ruled that Samsung owes Apple $119.6 million in damages. Apple was found guilty of violating one of the two Samsung counterclaims, and were fined $158,400

Neither company got all the patents they wanted. Samsung tried getting patent 5,579,239 (a video transmission patent) and failed while Apple lost out on
their background sync and universal search patents.

Apple originally sought an absurd $2.2 billion for Samsung’s “patent infringements.” Luckily the jury decided that these claims were grossly exaggerated. However, the money Apple has been awarded thus far is not finalized. The courts must still determine how much to tack on for damages caused by the Samsung Galaxy S II and that is scheduled for early next week



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