Turkish Prime Minister Calls The Explosion An “Ordinary Event”

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Following the massive number of deaths which rose above 250 after yesterday’s mine explosion in Turkey, the Turkish Prime Minister was in for the worst reception as so many lost their loved ones to the disaster.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Soma yesterday was welcomed with agony and cries of people waiting eagerly for their loved ones to either be saved or claimed dead by the rescuers.

Objects were thrown at his car as the people were quick to blame the government for their calamity due to neglect of safety in this area as a result of privatisation back in 2005.

The Prime Minister Erdogan didnt help matters either as he told the families that, “These type of accidents happen all the time in mines. These are ordinary events. You can look it up, there is such a thing known as a ‘work accident’.”

Adding salt to the injury, Erdogan then listed examples of other mining tragedies including one in England in 1862.

After his speech, the crowds could be heard calling for his resignation. At one point after he left, the prime minister had to hide in a supermarket to escape the crowd’s anger.

Ada Igboanugo

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