Toxicologist Records High Rise In Deaths Via Generator Fumes

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Its no news that the excessive usage of generators due to our inconsistent electricity supply has indeed caused more harm than one. In a report done by Thisday, A toxicologist at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, Dr. Olatunji Ekemode, has raised alarm over the growing number of recorded deaths in our country that are traceable to carbon monoxide inhalation due to the use of generators in badly ventilated environments.

The numbers are about to reduce anytime soon especially considering that most Nigerians have had to rely on power generated from these necessities. But the main worry of the toxicologist is that there isn’t enough awareness created of the dangers of generator use or its fumes. An apartment according to him, can hold as many as 10 sets within a radius of five metres.

The generator fumes was termed silent killer because it kills with no prior warning or signs. if inhaled while asleep theres most likely no chance of survival as it steals life once taken in.
Generator fumes can be deadly because they contain carbon monoxide, a dangerous invisible, odourless and colourless gas. When inhaled, carbon monoxide replaces oxygen in the tissues and can easily lead to death. The tell–tale signs on the victims are dizziness, nausea, headache, even confusion, symptoms mistakenly attributed to too much alcohol or sun; or something else. That explains why the story of people who sleep at night with their generator on without waking up the next morning has now become a common tale.

Aside the deaths it causes, the fumes can also cause long term hazards such as lung cancer.

The toxicologist went further to proffer preventive measures nevertheless as the usage of generators might not stop anytime soon. He warned that generators shouldn’t be used indoors or anywhere ventilation is limited and people are present.

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