The Striver, The Dreamer, The Show Off – By @LabzyLawal

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I endear me to LOVE me more YOU beautiful soul of mine
i endear me to appreciate my vigor and kind
Keep yourself from the hArshness aNd mediocritY IN thiS wOrLd,becAuse you Deserve much mOre
sucH a supERsTar and such a show off,regardless of the maYbes,disappointments and blow offs.

i meet a beautiful woman and i solemnly say after i’m disoriented by her effect
said like skales,take care of me would you?
she smiles and re-arranges my words
such a dreamer you are she giggles and replies.
am i a dreamer?,a striver? or a show off? i mutter to myself.

give me earth,give me rain,give me love to heal my pain
give me water to douse my fire when it burns too yellow
i strive for my GOD,my family and woman
i protect them all from any intruder
these words are me,these words are my bond
these words are as magic,these words are my wand.

scorches of the sun strenghten the melanin on my skin
if i hustle this much do i deserve to be a show off or not?
blue as electricity,my ambiguity as an enigma
is my grip to my dreams singular or sigma
love Is my muse as so is GOD
the honey to my wealth,my soulmate and blood.

a time will come when my struggles will pay off
this minute and second i constantly pray of
i am a young striver with dreams that are enormous
irrespective of a life that is so sorrowful and bulbous
etheric i am and as well royal
you are my queen till heaven is focal.

By Yemi Lawal.



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