The Possibility Of Finding The Missing School Girls Is “Very Remote” – US General

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The US and a lot of foreign countries have come to Nigeria’s aid to help find the over 200 missing school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, but whether they’d be able to rescue the girls safely is a point of concern.

“I think the one thing that’s almost certain is the young girls are no longer together,” Retired Gen. Carter Ham told On the Radar. “They’ve almost certainly are dispersed in small groups or even individuals. And my guess is, given the porous nature of these borders, that many of them are probably already outside of Nigeria, thereby complicating the search for them.”

“But I don’t think we should give up hope,” he later added. “What’s the likelihood that all of the girls will be rescued? It is pretty remote. But if you get one, that’s one. And if you get more than that, then that’s good.”

The girls were kidnapped by  Boko Haram more than 3 weeks ago, with a few of them having managed to escape and found their way home.



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