Teenager Kills Himself After Being Bullied On Facebook by Former Friend Dating His Ex

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A teenage boy walked into the sea and drowned himself after receiving violent threats on Facebook from a boy who had been dating his ex-girlfriend, an inquest has heard.

Callum William Moody-Chapman, 17, was found dead on a beach in Maryport, Cumbria, last December after he was trolled by a thug who said he would stab him, beat him up and set his family’s house on fire.

The 17-year-old abuser, who cannot be named, had been a friend but the relationship turned sour when he headbutted Callum to the ground during a row over the girl.

During the vicious exchange, which began a month before Callum’s death, the boy wrote: ‘I swear to God, shut your lips or I’ll cut them off and feed them to you.

He added: ‘I’m going to carry on giving you beatings until I can’t be bothered anymore.’

Callum tried to calm the situation by saying: ‘Why do you always have to resolve stuff with violence?’ But the abuse continued.

The inquest in Cockermouth, Cumbria, heard that the youngster, who lived in Grimbsy, had been decorating his aunt’s house when he disappeared.

After receiving threats on the morning of his death, Callum phoned his brother Robert in tears and apologised for messing up his life and that of those around him.

He added: ‘I have to phone dad and tell him I love him. Give Poppy a kiss from me.’

When he heard Callum was missing, the thug sent messages that said: ‘I have no contacts in your area. Please tell him I won’t hurt him.’
The 17-year-old has since admitted assault and an offence under the Malicious Communication Act and was given an eight-month referral order.



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