Surgery Gone Bad! Woman’s Belly Button Explodes Aboard a Flight

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After a ruined tummy tuck that had Patricia Jackson’s  belly button exploding during a flight, more than £20,000 has been awarded her as compensation.

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Patricia Jackson who is a home care manager is 68 years old and lives in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. She had received surgery after a rigorous weight loss routine to take out excess skin. However, some years later her stomach suddenly burst midair on a flight to Portugal.

She had undergone an abdominoplasty by plastic surgeon Edgardo Schiavone, who was in 2005, working  for the Hospital Group in Birmingham in 2005.

Fat and excessive skin was taken out and then her abdominal muscles were tightened, revealed a spokeswoman for Fletchers Solicitors.

After the surgery, surgeons intimated Mrs Jackson that they had not been able to create another belly button for her for the reason that there wasn’t enough skin left after the operation.

But afterwards, it was revealed that they had actually left part of the old one inside her, the spokeswoman added.

Returning from a holiday in Portugal in 2011, Mrs Jackson discovered that there were blisters around the site where her old belly button used to be and the area “unexpectedly burst”, the spokeswoman for the law firm added.

Medics discovered her old belly button had been left inside her and she had no option than to have another reconstructive surgery done.

She was awarded £22,500 compensation after she successfully sued the doctor earlier this year.

“The result of my case means that awareness has been raised and it can hopefully change patient care in the future,” Mrs Jackson said.

Jeanette Aspinall, head of medical negligence at Fletchers Solicitors, left a strong message to anyone attempting to go for any type of plastic surgery: “This case highlights how easy it is for an everyday cosmetic surgery procedure, like a tummy tuck, to go wrong, both with the surgery itself and if the proper after-care is not administered.

“Mrs Jackson had the operation to gain confidence, and instead was subjected to years of pain and embarrassment.”


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