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HOLD that dirty sexual thought playing in your head right now. We caught up with TRIPLE-MG’s first lady “EMMA NYRA” was able to spare five minutes of her time,for a real heart felt QUICKIE with Super-Sean of 360nobs.
It was quite fun chatting up with the Diva as she laughed all through.
Read below and enjoy :

Describe yourself as an artiste and as a brand?

Well, the “EMMA-NYRA” brand represents the western world and Africa all in one, most people feel am
not Nigerian because i was born abroad, but hey, you can’t tell a Mexican that. While my artistry is the
same, my music is strictly Afro pop / Afro R’n’B which shows I’m passing African message with my music.

What part of your body do you consider the sexiest part?

{smiles…} I will say my legs, plus i do get lots of comments from people, that they like my legs.
And Yes, I can insure them.

How was your first kiss?

my first kiss was so disgusting that I vowed never to kiss again. Couldn’t imagine a guy’s mouth in my mouth.
The guy was cool but the kiss wasn’t..

Which foreign/local celeb would you give a hot slap and WHY?

I think i will give Chris Brown a hot slap, because Rihanna is my boo and I also don’t know why he’s been
messing up lately. But I will kiss him afterwards because he’s cute…. *winks* By the way he looks like
someone who will like rough play.

Whats your most priced accessory? 

Uhmmm… it will be shoes. I can’t pick a favorite one, but I love shoes. Clothes don’t impress me that much.
If I’m meeting a guy and I don’t like his shoes then I don’t think me and him can get along, because your shoes say so much about you to me, and that’s my personal opinion tho’.

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