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Uche Jombo Shoots 14th Independent Movie



Star actress, Uche Jombo-Rodgriguez has concluded work on her 14th independent movie, ‘A Long Night’

A LONG NIGHT’ parades stars like Julius Agwu, Van Vicker, Bayray Mcwuiz, Dayo Amusa and Tamara Eteimo.

A LONG NIGHT’ is the story of three sisters who were held hostage over the night, series of events on-fold till the following morning to make the movie an enjoyable one.

Julius Agwu and Van Vicker were full of praise for Uche Jumbo who is expecting her first child.

Julius Agwu remarked that “the simplicity of the story and the way intriguing plots were woven together will make this movie an interesting one. I think Uche has done well for herself, she started out as one of the fringe actresses (waka pass) and became an elite actress over time, and now she is a major movie producer, providing employment, contributing her quota to the movie industry and lending an helping hand to young Nigerians aspiring to become super-stars. I am particularly impressed when I learnt that this movie will not be released until next year.” He jokingly added that people should watch out for it.


Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker said, “Uche has earned her respect by creating employment opportunities for the industry. In Ghana, this is one of the things I advocate, we need more and more people like Uche to spring up so as to make it impossible for some small groups of people hold the industry to ransom. This is exactly what I am doing in Ghana. In the past years, if marketers wouldn’t give you jobs, you won’t get to act but now, the story is different as independent producers like Uche Jomboand I can provide jobs.”


Speaking on the movie, Uche Jombo disclosed that “’A LONG NIGHT’ will not be released until 2015. I have movies to be released this year already, and this one is part of the two movies I have already shoot for 2015.The major studios in Hollywood have movies planned for 2018, why can’t we do the same? So far, so good, we have shot 14 movies from Uche Jombo studios, as per this movie ‘A LONG NIGHT’, it’s a very feel good movie, and people will enjoy it.”


After series of auditioning and fringe roles, Uche climbed the ladder and became one of the most popular faces across the world. Today she has metamorphosed into one of the most influential personalities in Nollywood by creating employment opportunities and pathways for other stars to shine.


Over the years she has produced 14 movies; making her the only actress to have achieved such feat.


Uche Jombo started acting in 1999 in a movie titled “Visa to Hell” and since then, she has had over one hundred movies to her credit. As a screenwriter, she has written and co-written several movies, some of which include: The Celebrity, Games Men Play, Girls in the Hood & A Time to Love.  Uche Jombo went on to produce her own movies which includes Nollywood Hustlers, A Mother’s Fight, My life, My Damage, Lies Men TellAfter The Proposal, Under Your Skin, Unconditional, Almost Perfect, Oge’s Sister, to mention but few. She started movie production in 2009-2010.


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