Sudanese Woman Imprisoned For Marrying A Christian Gives Birth. To Be Executed Soon

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Meriam Ibrahim, the woman imprisoned for marrying a Christian just gave birth to her American baby in the Sudanese prison that has been holding her.

Meriam has been shackled to her cell awaiting her sentence: flogging for marrying a Christian American and then execution by hanging for being a Christian.

This fundamental abuse of human rights is unthinkable. Now, she, her 20-month-old American son, Martin, and her newborn American girl languish in prison.The situation for this woman and her two children could not be more dire.

A petition to the United States Government has been started here to save her from execution. We are hoping help comes to her in time



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  1. Where are human right organisations? May I plead to their fast or quick intervention before they will execute her, please.

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