Style Star: Vivian Ezike

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This week’s style star is the gorgeous  Vivian Ezike.  Her style can easily be described as sheik, classy, sexy and seemingly comfortable . She totally exudes the Victoria Beckham vibe, only that she smiles

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Vivian is a student in Toronto, Canada. She is also a fashion blogger, and lover of all things related to fashion and style. Her blog which is fit to be called a website is one of the most detailed I have come across in a very long time. I adore her style, do you?

Hair & Make-Up

I usually get a weave done most of the time (I get my weaves from ). However, when i have my natural (relaxed) hair out i like to put it up in a bun and use any regular gel to fix my edges when necessary.

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As for my make-up, I basically wear a  a bronze eye during the day and a smokey eye at night. I like to switch up my lipstick color , its usually red or pink.

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Vivian Ezike_Style Star8__360nobs

Your favourite place to shop

I shop anywhere that has whatever I am looking for at that point in time.  However, some of my favourite stores include, Zara, H&M, Topshop, Forever 21,, I occasionally film hauls on my youtube channel showing the things I buy. (


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What item can you  not have enough of

I can’t seem to have enough shoes, especially court shoes or strappy sandals. I have them in almost every colour.

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Your style icons

My style icons are Rihanna, and Victoria Beckam, Lupita Nyong’o, and occasionally Kim Kardashian. I adore their style, literally everything looks great on them and the confidence the exude is incredible!


Vivian Ezike_Style Star25__360nobsVivian Ezike_Style Star6__360nobsVivian Ezike_Style Star5__360nobsVivian Ezike_Style Star12__360nobs


 Which celebrity Nigerian/foreign would you swap closets with?

If I could, I would swap closets Victoria Beckham, I drool over her pieces!


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What you would wear on the average day?

On the average day, I would be attending uni so I would want to be comfortable. I would wear a pair of ripped jeans a simple white tee, a leather jacket, and some flats (most likely converses).

Vivian Ezike_Style Star19__360nobsVivian Ezike_Style Star24__360nobs

What you would never be caught dead wearing?

I would never be caught dead wearing blue lipstick. I never understood the concept.


Vivian Ezike_Style Star23__360nobsVivian Ezike_Style Star15__360nobs


That item you cannot wait to own.

I cannot wait to own a channel bag. I like how classic and timeless they are, and they can be paired with everything!

Vivian Ezike_Style Star4__360nobsVivian Ezike_Style Star13__360nobs

360nobs style loves Vivian’s style, and we would be absolutely thrilled to raid her closet. What are your thoughts on Vivian’s style?

Instagram/twitter: @vivientann

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