Style Focus: Solange Knowles

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Asides from her takwando skills and amazing vocals, Solange  is also well known for her bold, outstanding and sometimes outrageous fashion statements. Today at 360nobs, we focus on Solange Knowles style.

Did I just get through an entire paragraph without mentioning she is Beyonce’s younger sister?  Oh, there  it is 😀


Its a white affair

Solange Knowles_1__360nobsSolange Knowles_3__360nobsSolange Knowles_5__360nobsSolange Knowles_16__360nobsSolange Knowles_31__360nobs




Solange Knowles_2__360nobsSolange Knowles_6__360nobsSolange Knowles_7__360nobsSolange Knowles_8__360nobsSolange Knowles_12__360nobsSolange Knowles_15__360nobsSolange Knowles_17__360nobsSolange Knowles_20__360nobsSolange Knowles_21__360nobsSolange Knowles_23__360nobsSolange Knowles_24__360nobsSolange Knowles_26__360nobsSolange Knowles_29__360nobsSolange Knowles_32__360nobs


Nobody embraces yellow like Solange

Solange Knowles_10__360nobsSolange Knowles_13__360nobsSolange Knowles_14__360nobsSolange Knowles_22__360nobsSolange Knowles_25__360nobsSolange Knowles_28__360nobsSolange Knowles_33__360nobs


Casual & Preppy

Solange Knowles_11__360nobsSolange Knowles_4__360nobs

Notice the wings?
Notice the wings?


I would not wear any of this, would you?

Solange Knowles_19__360nobsSolange Knowles_9__360nobs


What are your thoughts on her overall style?

Keep refreshing  360nobs Style.



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