Uniabj Students Protest the Death of Fellow Student

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University of Abuja on Thursday was in disarray as the students protested the death of their fellow student, Chiwendu Okafor, which they blamed the school’s Teaching Hospital authorities for, saying it was out of negligence.

Okafor who was a 200-level Political Science student of the university, was found in his hostel room gagging with foam-like substance coming out of his mouth, when he was then rushed to the hospital while he was still conscious but got worse after the supposed medical attention was allegedly delayed.

It was revealed that the deceased had attempted suicide by taking in a considerable amount of a poisonous substance called Sniper. Though that’s the primary cause of death, the students who came to protest believe its negligence on the part of the hospital that resulted to his death.

The deceased who was known to be lively in school, was allegedly supposed to use the product for mosquitoes but unfortunately used on him, the reason still unknown as he left no suicide note.

Responding to the allegations, The Chief Medical Director, (CMD), University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Dr Peter Alabi, said that Okafor was dead on arrival to the hospital, adding that the doctor, who was on duty at the casualty confirmed him dead and referred his remains to be kept in the mortuary.

Alabi said that the medical record of Okafor described him as “a lifeless young man, an undergraduate, brought to the hospital in a car” and that he wasn’t brought in with foam-like substance in his mouth, affirming he didn’t die out of negligence.

He added that the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Health, had a policy that anybody brought to the casualty should be given all attention.

The police have begun investigation on the actual reason for death and being the last person to see him alive, Okafor’s roommate Zelux Akinlabi is being held for questioning but will be released once its over.

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