Smart, Single & Loves Shoes – Shoes Vs Feelings

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I was busy thinking  of what to do with the fine ass gentleman when he walked over to a table occupied by the most underdressed person in the room.

What is wrong with men of class?

Why do they love the Obioma-wearing species of this earth?

I was sitting far enough away from her table but I could still smell the night before on the girl rocking “all Ankara everything”.

Men really need a guide on the type of girls they should talk, but in brief – class over big ass and bum.

Ladies, calling it African print does not make it quirky and contemporary.

I wasn’t about to compete, so I turned and focused on Mr. Tom Ford after all he was buying me a drink, albeit from his savings account.



You might love waking up to a fancy breakfast of eggs Benedict or bagels with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and the works, but the best thing to wake up to in this Lagos? Power, with your AC working and your phone fully charged; you can totally keep your breakfast in bed.

I tangled out of my satin sheets (NO! Mr Tom Ford didn’t sleep over) and reached for my gold plated iPhone. A quick look at Twitter and all I saw was basic bitches trying to outdo each with marriage quotes. Black Twitter does the most but Nigerian Twitter takes the cake.

12 noon.

I had a quick conversation with Jide (Mr Tom Ford). We talked about what our itinerary for the day looked like and I told him I have an event to be at. A luncheon for a friend that just launched a jewelry line, she has been messaging me all week to come pick out the ones I like before they go on the shelf. So I grabbed my essentials for the occasion – over sized designer bag, oversized sunnies, cheque book and debit cards (you know these Lagos people don’t have the patience for cheques, they want to be sure that their money is in their account before parting with their goods).

The lunch was somewhere in VGC and the traffic was insane. I number of cuss words I yelled at motorists that won’t stay in their lane was actually kind of alarming. I had forgotten how hideous Lagos traffic could be. I haven’t driven myself in 5 months and with this thought in mind I remember the conversation of the day before with my driver.

Kalu (Driver): Madam, I no go fit come work tomorrow.

Me: What??

Kalu: Madam I beg, my mama don sick and I wan go Akure see am, as I be her only son.

Me: sigh…how long will you be away?

Kalu: I go resume duty Monday Ma.

So that’s how I got here, in the driver’s seat, driving to a ‘Fashion Benefit Luncheon.’ and feeling not too shabby in a red Stella McCartney crop top, white pants, and red 6 snakeskin Manolo sandals. There’s nothing more amazing than dressing up and donating to charity.


Apparently it’s a lunch, then an auction of some exclusive jewelry and 10% of the going price on each item goes to charity. Guilt free shopping!

I walk in ready to make my entrance and I spot my friend Rose immediately. She screeches! We hug it out.

It is such a lovely turnout. Lots of prestigious people, A listers, a few B list but not enough to make it unpleasant. I make my rounds and as a beautiful and fashionable socialite people are always happy to see you, the right people come to you and of course the photogs are on your tail. Everybody is complimenting my outfit, the few that have the right eye ask,

“Is that Stella McCartney, Summer 2014?”

I reply,   “Well, yes it is. I’m trying out my inner Cara Delevingne”

They’ll reply with, “Oh that must have cost a fortune”. Typical Lagosians.


I know the next morning I’ll wake up to see pictures of this outfit on the fashion blogs. Argh. I love the attention I can’t lie but can’t a girl have exceptional style and flaunt it in peace?

I cross paths with Rose again, in the powder room and we chat for a bit, then she leads me into a private room. The lighting is turned down and the jewels on display are breathtaking.

I am in love. I whip out my debit card.




I put a call through to The Place, they have the best asun on the island in my own opinion (not like yours matters anyway, I know my asun!). I have them deliver, asun, dodo and a cooler of cold Malt to Mr Tom Ford. Don’t snicker yet, trust me these men appreciate these little things.

I sent him a text message, “I’m sending brunch your way, a little unconventional. Thank me later”

He replies immediately, “I like unconventional, jolie…”

There is definitely something about Jide (Mr Tom Ford). He seems so mysterious, a little cocky too and I don’t know if I was feeling a little stunned or caught off guard. I’ll explain; the thing is, I woke up to no missed calls or BBM messages from him and I am used to men I meet the night before, bombarding my phone with all sorts the next morning.

But this man, he did not.

Read the rest here.


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