Serious Business; Donald Sterling Sues NBA For $1 Billion

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Just hours after news broke that Donald Sterling is legally incompetent, the former LA Clippers owner filed papers suing the league, alleging that he was wrongfully pushed out of his position after his private conversation was illegally recorded and publicized.

Donald Sterling has filed a lawsuit against the NBA for more than $1 BILLION, claiming he was unconstitutionally bullied out of the league.

Sterling filed a federal lawsuit on Friday afternoon claiming the NBA booted him from the league based on what he called an illegal recording that was widely publicized which painted him as a racist. He also claims the $2.5 million fine was baseless and a violation of antitrust laws.

Shelly Sterling sold the team late Thursday to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion. The deal will almost certainly be ratified by the NBA.

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