See President Goodluck Jonathan’s Answer To Questions About ASUP Strike

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During the presidential media chat which took place on Sunday, President Goodluck Jonathan was asked about the ongoing ASUP and COESSU strike action.

The president’s response was simple. He said, “when a group go on a strike, they forgo their salary too but its only in Nigeria that salaries are being expected while on strike.”

The answer was in no way correlated to the question asked, but the journalists did not press on.

God bless Nigeria.



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  1. it is only God d@ can call off dis Strike bcos w@ is in Goodluck agenda is nt about Education bt his political Ambition for dcoming Election. I was opportune to b @ d National Assembly during d last meeting, after d meeting Press men met with Minister of Educationn d man said w@ They are asking for is nt in 2014 budget so wia will he get d money. Let me nt deceuive u we can only resume dis year if we d Students call upon our God.

  2. Let every student call upon God to inter vain,cus dis getting out of hand ,knowing fully well dat he will neva 4sake us

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