Samar Khoury Introduces: Ramazani – African Contemporary Luxury Women & Men’s Wear by Made In Kigali

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Ramazani – African Contemporary Luxury Women & Men’s Wear by Made In Kigali Ltd have been showcasing their luxury fashion brand in The African Development Bank (AfDB) 50 years anniversary which started on the 19 of May and ends today in Kigali, Rwanda.


Samar Khoury, the brain behind the designs, said his mission was to put out a fashion team together ( photographer, makeup artist, Stylist, Creative Director, Videographer…) to create a campaign fashion shoot from where the international & local people had never been and had never seen in the heart of Africa in the land of thousand hills.

“I am very happy that the photographer: John Oakley and the makeup artist: Karolina Guzowska took part of this amazing unforgettable experience. They flew all the way from London, UK and they worked along side with Made In Kigali Ltd Team, LaBella Lodge “The Heaven of Gisenyi “, David the male model, Strictly Entertainment Music (SEM) & the local talent media team from Kigali (Superstar Media Ltd, The incredible & Holly Hills).

Samar added that he wasn’t ‘wishing’ anymore, that he was now doing something about it now unlike others.

“Today I am feeling blessed & grateful because my team believed in our vision. My modeling images will speak louder than my words because I have a mission… My aim is to promote Africa through Fashion .The beauty of Africa & The African Pride through Fashion: The Kitenge African Print Textiles (Wax).Yes We Can In Africa! Because of you Africa will move forward through Fashion too. This is just the beginning!”



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