Royal Ass: Kate Middleton’s Bare Bottom Exposed By Wind

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On Sunday, German tabloid –  exposed photos of Europe’s favorite Duchess, Kate Middleton revealing her bare bottom.

These photos are from the Australian Blue Mountains where the rotor blades of the royal helicopter blew the air which lifted Kate’s summer dress showing up – a clear view of the royal bum!



This latest breach of privacy comes just under two years after French magazine, Closer printed topless photographs of Kate while she and the Duke were on holiday.



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  1. What’s intriguing is the sense of entitlement by the royal family that Bild magazine take down these photos- but why? They were taken legally, in a public domain, the royals themselves had sanctioned the existence of press and photographers to document their public relations exercise and now they are up in arms and demanding that the media erase ‘non preferred images’ of them? When is the royal family going to come to terms with the fact that they are not above the media, and even if the photos themselves are tasteless, it is part of the landscape of getting one’s image out there- surely the media can’t be asked to only publish what is palatable and favorable to the royals and various celebs….(which by defacto the royals have become) ?

  2. Totally disagree with this type of photography in which you take picture without any authorization of such a personality????? What show you is just making money more people watch this picture on the internet and make money? a stupid who take pictures of princess i am not British but i condemn this act of childish behavior. i hope it’s not respect of women and should respect to princess as woman and mother

  3. I don’t think the photos are in good taste. That being said, the photo begs the question, ” Is The princess not wearing panties?? Or is she at least wearing a thong.” Shouldn’t there be protocol for underwear for the Royal Family? She’s beautiful, but she had to know that it was possible for the wind from the helicopter to possibly cause a wardrobe malfunction, right?

  4. She should know by now that these public appearances require the presence of underpants. Unless of course this is a royal [pita] publicity campaign.

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