Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Shares A Topless Photo For #BringBackOurGirls Cause

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Lot of celebrities, entertainers, world powers joined in One voice to support the #BringBackOurGirls campaign using different approaches. All the approaches used by people around the world doesn’t seem to appeal To the current World Footballer of the year Cristiano Ronaldo’s super model girlfriend, Irina Shayk as she takes a totally different route.
Irina Shayk headed over to instagram to share a picture of herself topless with a #BringBackOurGirls Card. The Post on her page has caused a stir of some sort and received a lot of reactions.

See some of the comments below:
“Nigeria terrorist group boko Horam kidnapped 278 girls at once. Irina is trying to get attention for this with the #bringourgirlsback”
“Pretty tasteless and disrespectful. No class. This is exactly the justification terrorists are probably using to prevent women from receiving ‘western education’.”
“Super models are dumb.”

“@irinashayk “great” Do u really care about these girls or are you just a publicity whore?? like @kimkardashian like @jblackson just said? Very “smart” move…girls have been kidnapped and are under risk of being killed and RAPED! So you decided, let post a naked picture of myself to arise even more the sick brains of the kidnappers? WTF girl? Ur pretty face wearing clothes would’ve brought the same msg to the world, but in a positive way. Anyway, I won’t waste more of my time writing when the fact that u haven’t removed the pic demonstrates u r totally clueless. Since the pic has gone viral, any publicity is good, right?”

Check the picture below and share your thoughts




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  1. I don’t think she knows the story behind the campaign, she would have known the terrorists are extremist and this approach is far from wise or effective

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