Pit Bull That Mauled Boy’s Face Sentenced To Life Imprisonment

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Mickey, a pit bull has been ordered to spend the rest of its life in jail for an attack on a 4-year old boy.

4-year old Kevin Vicente had wandered into a backyard where Mickey was chained, with the canine attacking the boy and biting into his face.

A month later the dog was sentenced to be defanged, neutered and sent to live in a no-kill shelter. Following that ruling, attorneys representing the dog’s interests were tasked with finding a shelter that would take in Mickey.

The legal battle began when a petitioner asked the judge to have Mickey put to sleep. Mickey’s lawyer John Schill said he asked for Mickey’s life to be spared and “that’s what we were able to do.”

The judge agreed that Mickey wouldn’t be euthanized and would spend the rest of his life in a shelter. The costs associated with the housing of Mickey will be taken care of by donations made to a trust, Schill said.



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