Peadophilic Nursery School Teacher Says One Of The Kids Made Advances At Him

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Mr. Olayinka Oluwadare Folarin, a nursery school teacher, who allegedly defiled three under‑aged pupils in a toilet, yesterday, said it was one of the girls that made advances at him. He says “One of them made advances at me. You know how children play with you in a funny way. This thing is beyond me.”. Mr Olayinka further said that he usually gets them to the toilets, place them on the sink and rub their private parts with hair cream. He also denied having full sexual intercourse, although Police do not agree with his statement, based on doctor’s report. When asked why his claims contradicted the medical report which revealed that the hymen of each girl was not intact, he said it might have been broken elsewhere.


“I never penetrated them. I only used my manhood to rub their private parts. Yes, I used my hair cream to lubricate my organ to stimulate myself.”

Although he showed remorse for being involved in the act, he intermittently flared up, saying nobody is beyond demonic attack. He said: “I have been doing this for a long time. I feel terribly bad each time I did it but I could not stop it. Why don’t you find a way of helping me. Is this meant to expose me?

“Some people should just think and reason with me. The person who has not sinned before should cast the first stone. If God did not forsake some people, I know he would not forsake me. I am a changed person now.”

Some people really have balls in Nigeria. He is lucky to have escaped mob action.  



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