Pandemonium In University of Maiduguri As Multiple Bomb Blasts Are Heard

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There was chaos in the University of Maiduguri this morning when at around 3 am, students and residents of the campus woke up to the sound of an explosion which was followed by gunshots. At least two more explosion sounds followed thereafter with accompanying gunshot sounds. The sources of the bomb blasts were not certain though they did not seem to be on the campus grounds. This however did not stop residents of the campus from panicking. People around the staff quarters moved to the school gates and gathered there though the gates remain locked. Soldiers were also sighted actively patrolling the campus to ensure there were no intruders. After about an hour, almost everybody dispersed and the atmosphere became relatively calm.


It is said that there was an attack at a near village near the campus that led to the terrifying noises though this is totally unconfirmed. More details to follow shortly.



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