Oscar Trial: Plot Thickens As Case Is Adjourned Till May 16th

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As the defence is getting ready to close its case this week, a neighbour, Michael Nhlengethwa, testified during the resumed trial that Oscar introduced Reeva as his fiancee just a week before he shot her, correlating with his claim of a loving relationship between the two.

The trial which was slated to run for three weeks, began on march 3rd, saw the prosecution closing on March 25 as the court proceeded at a slow pace but Pistorius’s own testimony and cross-examination put it back on a fast track with Defence lawyer BArry roux positive it would close within a week. “Ï even believe we may end the defence case by tuesday next week”

When the trial resumed after the long break, the neighbour, who is the manager of the upmarket Pretoria housing complex where Pistorius lived, testified that the blade runner was indeed a broken man when he got to the crime scene the day it happened. He claimed though that he had however woken up to a man’s cry, changing the initial testimony.

But it was later clarified that the outcry was Psitorius as he cried out for help, shortly after the neighbour’s wife heard a bang which woke her up.

Once the defence has closed its case, the trial will move to concluding arguments, the verdict and possible sentencing.

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