Oscar Trial: Details Of Pistorius’s Mental Evaluation To Be Outlined By The Court.

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The ongoing Oscar Pistorius murder trial might be on hold for another month while he undergoes psychiatric evaluation, it has been reported.

The sitting Judge, Thokozile Masipa earlier ruled that he must be sent to an institution for mental evaluation to observe and find out if his diagnosed GAD was a factor to be considered for the killing of his girlfriend as the Defence witness, Dr. Merryll Vorster pointed out that it is something to be considered by the court.

Although Pistorius’s legal team opposed the application but was overruled by the Judge on the grounds that it will be beneficial for the court in the interest of justice, the order will be handed down today determining when, how long and where he would be sent for evaluation at the mental institution.

the process will involve a panel of psychiatrists who will monitor the athlete to determine if he does have GAD and if it should be considered a mental illness.

Speaking to the media for the first time outside the court, Pistorius’s family said they were comforted by Masipa’s ruling and believed he was being given a fair trial.


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