Navigating The Nokia X Android-Based SmartPhone – Part One

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Nokia in the final days as a mobile manufacturer debuted the Nokia X Platform, a modification of the open source Android Operating system that is used by other OEMs (Other Equipment Manufacturers) like HTC, Samsung, LG and the like. One of the devices that run the Nokia X platform–the Nokia X–is now on sale in the Nigerian market.

Nokia X is currently being sold in stores for about N19,500. I have spotted a few people handling the phone when I commute to and from work in Lagos. The Nokia X Platform isn’t as familiar as anything I have used before. It doesn’t even have a semblance with Symbian, an operating System that Nokia ran on for years.

I am going to share some features of the Nokia X with you and some tips that can come in handy. These “how tos” can also aid anyone who’s about to decide if the Nokia X is a good buy.

Getting Applications on to the Nokia X

This is the first place you’ll notice that the Nokia X is “not an Android smartphone.” Nokia did not add Google Play Store (the Android Application market where Google Android apps are downloaded from) on its NokiaX  phones. Nokia Store is preloaded on to the phone and it is the place to source for apps. You do not need to create an account or sign in to the Nokia Store before you can access the Nokia Store.

Nokia has provided a means for application developers to make their apps compatible with Nokia X. You’ll see apps like: BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Viber, Facebook, Twitter, Skype amongst others as apps that are compatible and already preloaded on the Nokia X that is made available in Nigeria. Visiting the Nokia Store, you’ll notice that popular apps like Flipboard, 2go are available in the store. WhatsApp and some other apps are missing though. But there’s still a way around it.

Other Application Stores for the Nokia X

You can download other Android Stores through the Nokia Store. Downloading an application store via another application store. There are four other Application Stores that you can install through the Nokia Store. Through these other Android App Stores; 1mobile market, SlideME market, Aptoide, and Yandex Store; you can get other apps that are not listed on the Nokia Store and download them to your Nokia X.

I was able to find WhatsApp on Aptoide and Instagram in 1mobile Market. But WhatsApp won’t work on the (unrooted) Nokia X that I have. I’ll encourage you to download the four Android App Stores and just search through them for the app of your choice. So far, I have Plume Android Twitter app, Falcon Pro (downloaded from Falcon Website), and Instagram working on the Nokia X without doing anything geeky. After all, I am not a geek. Aha! But WhatsApp won’t work. I got a message saying: “Sorry, your device is not supported.



And if you cannot get any of your apps, you might want to go the geeky way and root your phone and install Google Play Store. 🙂

Contact Transfer

No access to Gmail Contact Sync on the Nokia X. So, how can you move your contacts to the Nokia X from another phone? If like me, you have your contacts stored in Google Contacts, you can still move all these contacts to the Nokia X. I discovered three ways you can do that.

First Method

To move your Google Contacts to Nokia X, proceed to Gmail Contacts on the Web and choose to export the contacts in vCard format (for importing into Apple Address Book or another application). First click on “More” at the menu of Google Contacts on the Web. Then select the option to export vCard format as shown in the diagram below.


Once you have done that, get the downloaded file to a microSD card and insert the microSD card to the Nokia X. You could also decide to insert the microSD card in the phone first and use a USB cord to transfer the file onto the Nokia X’s microSD card. Once you have ascertained that the vCard file is stored onto the microSD card, go to the contact app on the Nokia X (it is named “People”), slide up from the bottom of the phone to reveal more options, and select “import/export” option. Next, choose “Import from Storage.” This action will ask you where you’re importing to, select “phone,” then when it is time to choose vCard, choose “Import 1 vCard.”



Apparently, you can also save the exported vCard to your phone memory by plugging the phone to your computer and saving the exported file to the phone directly. When it is time to “Import the Storage” to the phone, select Phone Storage instead of Memory Card.

Second Method

Another way to move your contact from your old phone is to copy them to your SIM, then use your SIM to transport it to the Nokia X. What this means is that you’ll first have to insert your SIM onto your old phone, copy your contacts to it, them move the SIM to your Nokia X and them import the contacts. Rinse and repeat.

Third Method

A new update was recently pushed to the Nokia X. You can access this update by going to Settings > About Phone > System updates. Once you hit the system update, it is going to show you the 41 Mb update. One of the new features that this update bring to the table is the ability to transfer contacts from your old phone to the Nokia X using Contact Transfer, an app that the update brings to Nokia X. The Phone you’re transferring from should allow Bluetooth Transfer.

Once you put on the Bluetooth of your old phone, make it discoverable and pair it with the Nokia X. Hit on the Contact Transfer app and you’re good to go. It is a very simple process. It is going to ask you if you want to transfer the contact from your SIM or from your phone. Select your preference and you’re good to go.

That is three different ways at your disposal for transferring contacts from your old phone to the Nokia X. I don’t know if this is going to work with the iPhone. At the time of publishing this piece, I do not have an iPhone to try with. If you succeed at using Contact Transfer app with an iPhone, please let me know in the comments.

The process I described above for moving Google Contacts can also be used for Yahoo Mail and Hotmail/Outlook Contacts.

Feel free to ask me questions in the comments if you’re unable to successfully implement any of the steps I have outlines here. You can also tweet at me.

In the part two, I am going to write about Multitasking/switching apps, clearing the apps, taking screenshots and some battery saving techniques. I will also be writing a full review of the Nokia X too.




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