“No Girls Are Missing, Chibok Is A Scam” – Asari Dokubo [PHOTOS]

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Former Niger Delta militant Mujahid Asari Dokubo has claimed that the abduction of 234 girls never happened and is a sham aimed to destabilize the government of President Goodluck Jonathan.

See his Facebook posts below.

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  1. Northern Political/Foolish Scams, They Have The Girls & They Have The Guts 2 Make A Global Show of Our Country, May God Help This Northern Illiterates Called Politicians.

    1. Something is really fishy about the chibok abduction. The video release of the girls does not show the girls are under any kind duress. They look too good and healthy to be said they are with kidnappers in the forest. And if they are in the forest, then the masterminders of the kidnapping are really doing good job feeding them. I don’t see the crazy shekau doing so.

  2. The girls are not missing. Mr. President, investigate all that are campaigning for bring back our girls. They seize those girls to distract your administration. If at all they are not with their parents.

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