No Gate-Crashing In The Wild: Kanye West To Use Retina Scan, Secret Service Agents For Wedding Security

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Kanye West must be really serious about his upcoming wedding to Kim Kardashian being a very very so very private affair.

According to British magazine Heat, Kanye asked French President Francois Hollande for permission to use his personal security, The Republican Guard, offering to pay $1milion for their services.

The rapper is reportedly scared that the wedding might be a terrorist threat, and is also bringing in retina scans and two former Secrets Agents to ensure maximum security and protection.

Kanye also has plans for 4 helicopters to circle the wedding perimeter, to prevent any daring paparazzo from getting aerial shots.

There will also be boats in the river blocking viewing access to Château de Louveciennes, the wedding’s venue.

“There’ll be twice as many security staff than guests and metal detectors at all entry points. Kanye’s insisted that everyone be checked. They will be monitored by CCTV and have phones and cameras confiscated,” the magazine reported.

Kim reportedly has reservations about the entire scheme, and feels that Kanye may be going overboard.

What do you think? Is Yeezus too paranoid?



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