No Ashewo Behavior: Qatar Sets Dress Code For Tourists Coming For 2022 World Cup [PHOTO]

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Hosts for the 2022 World Cup, Qatar, have begun plans for the hosting of the tournament, and this includes control of tourist behavior.

The country has begun the Reflect Your Respect campaign, which aims to inform tourists how to dress when coming to the Middle Eastern country.

Fliers from the campaign show a number of stick models in the inappropriate dressing methods with x’s underneath them to show they are not allowed.

Reflect Your Respect, which is being organized by the Qatar Islamic Cultural Center, also lists some specific dos and don’ts for would-be visitors: Men should not go shirtless, and women should not wear leggings as pants.

There are also some guidelines about non-clothing-related behavior, including requests not to kiss or embrace in public and not to take pictures of anyone without their permission.




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