Nigerian Police Beat Man After Destroying His Vehicle [PHOTOS]

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Cases of police brutality are becoming rampant in the country, with this latest one happening at Egbeda in Lagos state.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident started after a collision between the cars of the civilian and the police officer, and it was the policeman’s fault.

The policeman then refused to own up and then decided to beat the civilian. Passing police officers too joined in beating him and tearing his clothes.1723057_egbeda_2_jpgb68ed1e75de7ea8c4e3d118d66865a06 1723065_IMG-20140508-WA001_jpg7992b997602359997cb90964e4d943bd 1723056_egbeda_1_jpg67cc000f0cfac3586c1a68452e1e597a 1723064_IMG-20140508-WA005_jpg014a835a9bf692f2b3974d52a76cb60b



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