New Video: Tiwa Savage – Wanted

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Tiwa Savage drops the VIDEO for Wanted

In the WANTED video directed by Moe Musa, Doro Tiwa Savage goes all 18+ getting your heart rate racing with her sexy dance moves.

The Wanted video showcases Tiwa Savage doing energetic sexy moves, making you WANT LUST for Tiwa Savage but alas she don marry :p.

Wanted is a hidden gem off Tiwa Savage’s recently released debut album, Once Upon A Time.

This Tiwa Savage’s WANTED video is definitely a video you want to watch

Watch Tiwa Savage’s Wanted video below




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  1. Tiwa savage is music industry has been an addition to the betterness of good music in Nigeria. female artistes should emulate from her. Good work on the video, to those criticizing this video has nothing to do with her marriage, why are you all acting dumb?

  2. tiwa savage got it real, the video is jus a simple and trendy video. if she isnt good, she wouldnt have been nominated for MAMA and BET awards.

  3. watched the vdeo over and over again, i found nothing wrong it it. then how does marriage relates with a world class artiste”s video? im confused on you people ooo

  4. you all dont compare Nigerian artistes with the Europian/American artistes, there are much difference pls. we are good in our oen way, love you people

  5. Am so terribly disappointed in Tiwa with this. She has just gone too far, this is nothing less than soft porn and is unhealthy for our society.

    The fact that some do not see anything wrong with the video shows the extent to which moral values have been eroded and corrupted. Imagine that you are on local TV and just finished watching a local soap with your kids and suddenly, this video comes up during a break, would you allow your kids watch?

    It is very sad!!!

  6. Incovenient truth:::call it “make believe” or wateva,the questn is who’s making the belief…sin is nt jst wat you think&do but what you make others think&do ROMANS13:13&LUKE17:1…..HELL is real&so HEAVEN,it’s a CHOICE!!!…
    I spit lyk: hey sister see ur pants out/we dont praise the same GOD,hands down…

  7. Nah wah fr u all u knw how to do is critize.To sing for church u knt dors who try their best mah critic una mouth mongets go use kill dem Una name be online bullies. Please wt is wrong with tiwas video. She covered all necessary part . Hypocrites gt a life

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