My Mother’s Day Dedication Today Goes To The Mothers of the Chibok Girls. 

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Yes I’m wishing a Happy Mother’s Day today to the mothers of the abducted chibok girls. Because their girls have been taken away from them doesn’t make them less mothers and don’t deserve to celebrate this day.
The wicked hands that took their daughters want to deprive them of the joy they deserve and it will not be as long as their is a God in heaven.

But the fact that they came out to fight for their daughters make them great women and mothers and if not for the unfortunate event will be celebrating today, Mother’s Day, with their daughters.

Today is Mother’s Day and they are out there in the forest looking for their children they carried for nine months that has been taken away from them. So why wouldn’t God bless these women?
God will restore their kids back unto them. They will weep no more. Their kids will come back safe and sound and they will reunite and celebrate this day with them no matter when.
Ada Igboanugo

Ada Igboanugo

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