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Most anticipated action movie, Non-stop, premiered recently at the cinemas much to the delight of eager fans of Liam Neeson. Ever since his top hit movie which garnered critic acclaim, Taken, his name has become the sought after one. Including creating social media frenzy with photo-shopped pictures of lines from the movie.


Non-stop, is a 2014 French-American mystery-action with lead character, Liam Neeson and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, is about Bill Marks, a U.S federal marshal who is a budding alcoholic. He enrolled in the Air Marshall service after he was unduly discharged from the police force following his sudden neglect after the death of his daughter.


His trauma began when he boarded a non-stop flight from New York to London, on duty as usual when he received a text on his secure line stating that someone on the plane will die every 20mins unless $150m is transferred into a specific bank account, which turns out to be his.


Every 20mins, someone did die, with the first being his colleague, and the twist was that Bill started the killings. With that and the financial demand and his zeal to capture whoever is behind the ordeal thereby holding everyone ransom and a later bomb threat, his testimony/innocence wasn’t looking so good as he was then tagged a hijacker/terrorist all over the media.


Now i loved the movie. To an extent, the twist took me by surprise; the plot and the finishing were on point. But that isn’t to say that the movie is without sin. i found too many loopholes as well as clichés that we, if i have to speak for every ardent movie lover in existence, would rather was overwritten.



‘Girl afraid to enter the plane’

-There is always a scene where a youngin’ is afraid to fly alone. #Cliché


‘Black people’

-The presence of black people portrayed as the bad guys


‘Afghanistan guy’

-Another overused plot in foreign movies. It’s almost expected nowadays


‘Touch someone’s hand while he’s scared’

-The show of affection when a calmer person pats a distressed person’s hand.


‘Asking if they are getting the free flight’ 

-That scene where the passengers have just been promised free flights as compensation for poor service and one of the passages will still ask if the airline has changed their minds


Getting the password right. 

-The scene where a clueless person would get a password that normally should be hard to crack, randomly at a go. All too easy


‘Isn’t there a wire you can cut?’

  • The scene where a couple of people are trying to deactivate a bomb and the all too cliché question is asked



‘Shooting the guy that can stop the bomb.’ 

-This scene is highly predictable, so cliché and very annoying.


‘Fall in love. ‘

-And yes, they always fall in love at the end, lead character et supporting lead.


Regardless of my distaste in being able to predict most of the scene even before it is shown, remember i said i was surprised at some point. These are the scenes below



‘Sex on the plane in business class’

-We can do this?


‘Covering smoke detector just to smoke. ‘

-Again, we can do this?


‘Terrorist texting Air Marshall’- Hmmm



Blonde moment

– There are always the good, the bad and the blonde moments


  1. Text messages. Could have been deleted’


  1. ‘Showing someone else the text’


  1. Come with me now” shows off badge, (then the rhetoric response) “you want me to come with you right now?“- Really?


  1. ‘Blackberry that fell in water came back on’– come on, we all know this isn’t realistic. Even the company manufacturers know that isn’t possible


  1. ‘First smile in the end’. -Well i guess you save the best for the last



Laughably-not-so-blonde moments

‘When the passenger occupying 14c asked if there wasn’t anything in the Arabian man’s bag’


‘The black guy saying he hasn’t seen his phone before due to risqué photographs taken of one of the hostess’


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