Missing Plane: Submarine To Resume Underwater Search

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The underwater search for the missing Malaysian flight resumes Today with the redeployment of the submarine Bluefin-21, it has been reported.

The operation which resumed at 2am, will see the Bluefin-21 spending six days searching the remaining areas in the vicinity of the acoustic signals detected in early April by the Towed Pinger Locator deployed from Australian defense ship, Ocean Shield.

According to a statement released by the Joint Agency Coordination Centre based in Perth, Australia,
“This continues the process that will ultimately enable the search team to discount or confirm the area of the acoustic signals as the final resting place of MH370,”

“Ocean Shield is anticipated to depart the search area on 28 May and return to Fleet Base West on 31 May where it will demobilise the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle equipment and disembark the support team.” the statement said.

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