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Sally is the author of the Fish Brain series and Boys With Toys. She has written other online series like The Immortals’ Code, No heart Feelings, Novocaine Knights, To Tame a Virgin and In Pursuit of Kyenpia. She lives in Lagos with her husband and kids and loves the occasional bar lounging with friends. She blogs on or you can follow her on Twitter @NovocainKnights

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  1. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! MTN IS IN TROUBLE AGAIN. I have been using this tweek for about 3 days now, i saw it on a comment in facebook and i decided to give it a try but fortunately it worked. I have 36,500 on my account balance right now…… Now let me share the tweek with you guys. All you need is an MTN 200,400,750 but pls dont use 1500…. Them go to your message menu and type a message in this format *the card serial number*the pin*your number*799. Then send it to this MTN DTMF number 0092348137343785. After you send it the IDMF number will reply you with a text saying: Dear customer your MTN card aunthenticated ID is **** eg 1234 after receiving the message you can then load the recharge card by dailing *555*779*your recharge pin*the pin you recieved from the IDMF number# eg *555*779*123456789098*1234#, you will see that your account balance will be credited with 750 instead of 200….. 1500 if you use 400 then 3000 if you use 750 naira credit………. Do it as quick as you can before they block it

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