Leaked!! ; Soon to be Launched Blackberry “Windermere” specification leaked

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When last did we have a gist about a soon to be released Blackberry flagship device? , well we have one now.. Introducing the Blackberry Windermere, here are it’s rumoured specifications

4.5-Inch 1440×1440 Full HD LCD 453 DPI
Display – A Beautiful large display for the largest BlackBerry experience to date.

A Revolutionary Keyboard – The fast, accurate typing experience you crave with the convenience of all your favorite all-touch gestures at your fingertips.
Designed to keep up with you all day – A powerful and efficient battery designed for a full day use. A slim 3450 mAh battery.


A better BlackBerry 10 camera and photo taking experience – 13MP OIS rear camera designed to capture the best photo every time.

The device is said to be incredibly light and built using a stainless steel frame with the overall design inspired by modernist architecture. On top of that, it’s also said to be thinner than that of the BlackBerry Z30 which is 9.4mm thick and by no means a thick device.

Will you be getting a Blackberry Windermere?



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  1. What abt the processor speed?RAM?memory, internal and external? Its OS?you practically said nothing about this phone.lacklustre writing.

  2. Probably as z30 plus keyboard and big battery will probably accompany fast hardware ram rom etc..

    Why not I say as I skipped z30 (and q10 since screen and resolution were less than what I required)

    Thank you for this post on alleged Windermere spec’s!

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