Knowledge Is Freedom: Prisoners In Italy To Get Freed Earlier if They Read Books

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A new law in Italy has allowed for 3 days to be removed from the sentence of a prisoner for every book they read.

According to the law, the books have to be a minimum of 400 pages and must be validated by prison officers, with comics and books with pictures excluded.

The initiative will be introduced for jails in the southern Italian region of Calabria – home to the local mafia known as the Camorra.

Mario Caligiuri, a cultural chief on the regional council and who proposed the idea, said: ‘Reading is an exceptional antidote to disquiet and it favours understanding. as well as social and personal reawakening.

‘With this new regional law, inmates under proper guidance and supervision, will be invited to read a book and earn time off their sentence.

‘The policy is open to all inmates serving six months or more and they can read up to 16 books a year which will give them a maximum of 48 days off their sentence.



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