“Jay-Z Handled The Fight Like A ‘Perfect Gentleman’”- Rihanna

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Rihanna is weighing in on the ‘Not So heavyweight fight’ between Jay-Z and Solange Knowles. RiRi is not taking sides in the dispute that was caught on tape and leaked to the public on May 12, but she did say that Jay-z handled himself well.

26 year old Rihanna is giving her two cents about the recent elevator fight between Jay-Z, 44, and Solange Knowles, 27. The fight, which was captured on an elevator’s security camera at the Standard Hotel and leaked to the public on May 12, shows Jay-Z using remarkable restraint as Solange lays into him. Surprisingly, the whole altercation took place after the Met Ball Gala after-party, May 5..

“Rihanna has known Jay since the beginning of time and loves him and thinks he’s one of the most genuine n****s in this corrupt business. She wishes him and that family well and thinks Jay acted like the perfect gentleman by not putting his hands on a female” a source revealed

Rihanna went on to say that that’s how men should conduct themselves when they are put in that type of situation.

“Men don’t put their hands on females, period. Jay did the right thing and was a man throughout that elevator ride,” the source explained.

The fight broke out between the two as they entered the elevator after the Met Ball Gala after-party in the Standard Hotel’s famed Boom Boom Room.

The whole scenario was captured on the elevator’s security camera and in the grainy black and white footage you can see Solange kicking, slapping, and punching Jay. Jay-z more or less just stands there and takes it while Beyonce, who was also present in the elevator, tries to stand in between the two towards the end of the spat. It’s been speculated that the whole fight started because Solange was mad at Jay and designer Rachel Roy for being too close with one another.


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