Its Children’s day, Please #BringBackOurGirls

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I checked my calendar this morning and discovered that today is International children’s day, a day set aside to celebrate the future leaders of the world. I smiled to myself and told myself Happy Children’s day Femi. It felt like my birthday at first, even though my birthday was last week Tuesday. It’s a pride to be someone’s child in this present day. So no matter how old you are, I say to you HAPPY CHILDREN’s DAY.

What saddens my heart now is that while our parks will be filled today with different families, some of our own are in some forest like that with some demonic group claiming to be obeying their god’s command. I wowed when I heard that statement because I’m a Muslim too and it was never written anywhere in the Quran that when you abduct or kill a non-Muslim, you get a V.I.P ticket to heaven. If I’ll go a bit spiritual here, Quran 5:82 confirms that Christians are supposed to be the friends of Muslims for they are not proud and arrogant. Now what are these men now fighting for?

I believe we have a government that is so passionate about its citizens, why has the government not taken a major step? Why is America so concerned about OUR Girls more than OUR Government? Why is every political aspirant seizing this opportunity to get at the present government? Why can’t we do stuffs out of goodwill? Why are the protests staged politicized? Why are most of the hashtags carrying the Naira sign? Why is nobody even taking this issue seriously again, like someone sent a BC joking about this #BringBackOurGirls issue and I was like seriously? Nigeria seriously? I was perplexed. I’m calling on everybody to do what’s right. It goes way beyond just tweeting with the hashtag….



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