Introducing Ibukun – Smart, Single, Loves Shoes

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Some people may call me a gold digger but I call myself a Goal Digger.

Not because I am ambitious in the Harvard Business School kind of way or because I believe in the economy and the greenery thereof.

It’s not that I’m not and I don’t. I love our Ecosystem and all its freshness and organic greenery but that’s not the point.You could actually say I am a Wolf of Wall street wannabe but for me it’s not about the drugs, fast cars, real estate, women and expensive winery. For me, my ambition is about the SHOES.

My intimate relationship with Shoes began 25 years ago, the minute I learned how to walk. I had an uncanny obsession with those 3 inches. I had unlimited access to my mother’s closet and as soon as I wanted to feel “grown-up,” I would slip on a pair of my mother’s shoes et voila!

A woman’s shoe is supposed to speak the language of her sex life. You don’t have to be a deity or a rocket scientist to figure out the language transmitted from a woman wearing rubber-soled loafers versus one wearing noisy stilettos.

So here’s the deal with me: you have to understand why I do what I do. You need to wander into my realm and soak up it’s ambience. My lifestyle might seem a little outlandish and ‘cheap’ to you, but I am justified. Some of you call me an Ashewo on Instagram, send hate comments my way on Twitter. I even saw I was tagged a ‘Runs babe’ with many ‘Aristos’! Oh well!

When I do feel blue from this cyber bullying I just walk into my 400-seater shoe closet and gaze lustfully at my Manolo Blahnik, Prada and Louboutin collection. Then I think to myself… Life Is Good.
I do this all for the love of shoes. So before you carry your pitchforks and axes, think about your own fashion or beauty obsession and check yourself. And if you don’t have a fashion passion then you ain’t living!


shoes 3 collage


My name is Ibikun Donald, I am a single woman in my mid-20s. I live in one of the most exclusive areas on the Island. What do I do? Well… I amass shoes. I own a collection of shoes worth much more than most of you can attain in 10 years. How can I afford this lifestyle? I work in an oil servicing firm, in Victoria Island. I work closely with Rich Men and do what it takes to be earn what I need. My lifestyle is pretty peculiar. You might wonder, and snicker at my choice of words but I am not your regular Lagos Girl.
I can see you making your yimu face. But I am not kidding. Like every industry there are rules and guidelines you must live by and in this goal digging industry the most important rule of the game is NEVER disclose your source. When I say source I mean a lot of things. For example you’re out with your girls and you’re rocking a new pair of Manolos and your girlfriend compliments it, don’t tell her where you bought it from. Like they say, ‘Every mallam to his kettle’… Before you go and ‘jabo’. These girls can’t be trusted.

Second rule, NEVER disclose a, shall we say, benefactor’s name, (the men that sponsor your lifestyle), the ‘Aristos’ like they so crassly say on the streets of Lagos. I don’t have to tell you what happens if you run your mouth.

So it’s a Wednesday night and I’m out with my girls, in Clear Essence Spa and Retreat, somewhere in Ikoyi. We’re here for a 3 day retreat and it’s 8:45pm and I am having a Virgin Mojito. I don’t do alcohol, I’m sophisticated like that. As I get mouth like this, my body can’t contain alcohol.I’m idly swirling my drink in my left hand when a man in his early 40s with shoes from Tom Ford’s 2014 Spring collection comes into view.

What happens next?! Read the rest here.

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