“I Swear To God, I Had A Miscarriage”- Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan has sworn under penalty of perjury that she actually suffered a miscarriage. She made the declaration in new court documents in a $5 million lawsuit over her clothing line 6126.

Sometime back, Lindsay was given a reprieve from responding to the lawsuit while she was in rehab last year  but even after getting out  she didn’t respond so she lost the case and now she wants undo the damage and she’s using her miscarriage as an excuse.

In the new court documents, Lindsay writes, “I have been overwhelmed since leaving rehab and dealing with my sobriety and a miscarriage.”

There’s been lots of speculation that Lindsay made up the miscarriage story to garner buzz for her Oprah show which had dwindling rates or maybe just to get sympathy votes but these are legal documents which means she’s under oath. If it comes out that Lindsay lied in the documents, under penalty of perjury, she could face jail time.

Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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