Has There Been Two Different Shekau’s? [Photo Evidence]

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The Nigerian military made claims last year that they have killed Shekau last year and just as Nigerians were celebrating, Shekau sent a video eventually debunking the claims and showing evidence that he is still alive. This made a lot of people lose faith and earned the Boko Haram leader a god-like, invincible status. However, the State Security Service has revealed that the original Shekau is dead and this one parading himself as Shekau is a new one, a claim which Nigerians take with a pinch of salt due to the mistrust between citizens and any governmental body.

However, this photo comparison of a photo of Shekau taken from last year and another taken by this year courtesy of NewsRescue.com claims to reveal the differences. On the first photo, Shekau has a mid-brow scar; a high upper nose bridge; wide inter brow space; small but defined eye bags; arrow head nose; defined, right side nose tilt; mustache and very thick lips while in the next photo, Shekau has no mid brow vertical scar; absent upper nose bridge; no inter brow space; wide undefined eye bags; blunt, flat nose; no nose tilt, no nose pinch; no mustache; thin lips; fat head and wide ears.

In addition, the Shekau of the earlier videos was cold, calculating and chilling while the new videos show him as aggressive, talkative and sometimes even comical.Different Shekau'sWhat do you think? Are these photos of the same guy taken from different angles or two completely different guys?



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  1. Looks like the same person to me, no need to start looking for missing features, the guys in the photo alike and to top it off it doesn’t matter who the ruler is. Boko haram is still a threat to peace and tranquility

  2. Whatever…..just bring back our girls: safe, sound and complete in number less those who have escaped and showed up.

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