Drunk In Beating: Beyonce’s Sister Solange Physically Attacks Jay-Z Inside Elevator [VIDEO]

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A video has surfaced of Jay-Z getting attacked by wife Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles.

The attack took place in an elevator at the Standard Hotel in New York City, where the trio had gone to attend a Met Gala after party.

In the video, Solange is seen attacking and swinging wildly at Jay-Z, who doesn’t retaliate.

A large man, thought to be a bodyguard, is seen restraining Solange, while Beyonce just looks on.

Watch the video below.



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    1. Solange isn’t married to Jay Z, so your comment makes no sense. How are they “for show” when Beyoncé wasn’t fighting her husband; her sister was. You’re an idiot. Does anyone in your family not get along? Well then your relationship is “a show” DUH

  1. Yo Lawrencia, clearly you are a hater that is looking for ANY excuse. Jay Z and Solange (another Black single mother) are NOT married. And a fight between a man and his sister-n-law can have NOTHING to do with his marriage. Furthermore, Solange is showing that she has NO class whatsoever. If anything, she should be in JAIL for assualt.

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