Caleb University Students To Pay For Damaging School

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Caleb University students are to pay for damages incurred on the school when on Wednesday, 14th May they went on a protest in the school. It seems all students are going to bear the cost of the damages regardless of whether they participated or not.  The students went on a rampage destroying school property after a school security personnel disrupted a Muslim student’s prayers. The students allegedly had other grievances as well. Caleb University asked male students to pay N100k and female students to pay N50k. Here’s part of the text sent out.

CUL Parents and Students are hereby notified that school resumes Mon, June 2. Exams start Mon, June 9. Male students are to pay N100,000.00 while the female would pay N50,000.00 by Bank Draft to offset damage to school property. Balance of Sch. fees should be paid into (account details). No student would be allowed into the University premises without evidence of payment of school accompany each student with a letter of undertaking to be of good behaviour. 



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