Bird Allegedly Turns To Woman In Ajegunle

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As surprising and hard it is to believe, reports have confirmed that an aged woman had indeed confessed to being a witch after transforming from a bird yesterday in the rural area of Ajegunle in Lagos.

Speaking in yoruba, she told the crowd that had started to gather that she was on her way back to Ibadan, Oyo State (as a bird) when she missed her way blaming her loss of mystical powers on the break of dawn.

There were about three birds but one landed on a moving pick-up van owned by Eko Electricity Distribution Company and it turned out unfortunately to be hers. The owner of the van, who identified him as Mr. Okafor, said immediately the bird landed it transformed into an old woman, sending the nearby commuters fleeing for their lives including him.

After taking in the situation, they came back to notice a bruise on her head which goes on to prove she had landed on the vehicle. When asked, she revealed that her and her two colleagues were sent to Lagos from their coven in Ibadan but missed their way and she gave way, after much fatigue.

Police arrived on the scene in time to prevent her from being lynched after confessing to killing her husband and several others, but only to be released to a relative of the old woman as the law does not recognise witchcraft and there wasn’t enough evidence on her murder claims to convict her.

Ada Igboanugo

Ada Igboanugo

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