Beneath Her Veil …Episode 16 by @Tomilola_coco

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Banjo was not familiar with the premises and whenever he went somewhere the first time, he was careful not to walk in carelessly.

But because he was certain that Ehime was still in the house simply because he had watched him walk in some minutes earlier, he stood by the door, where he could not be easily noticed.

A middle-aged security man approached him where he was standing and eyed him suspiciously.

“Good evening o” he said and flashed a torch in his eyes even though the compound was well lit. “Who are you finding?” he asked.

Banjo gestured for him to be quiet and the security guy looked at him puzzled, he did not have time to be questioned by security men who did not know their jobs well.

If he was capable, he would have been at his duty post and the intruder in the house would not have entered.

“I say…”

“Shut up abeg” Banjo snapped and his response caused the security guy to inch closer. Ehime was stepping out of the house with an unconscious Dede, a bag containing a few of her things on his shoulder when he collided into the security man.

He was startled, alarm bells rang in his head as he realized that his escape was going to be difficult.

The security man faced him, “what is wrong with madam?” he asked. Ehime did not say a word, he had not prepared for this and so he stared like an idiot, motionless, clearly at a loss of what to say or do.

“Are you deaf? He is asking you what is wrong with the madam you are carrying on your shoulder?” Banjo asked and Ehime could not say a word.

“Are you a kidnapper?” The security man asked, suddenly aware that an intruder might have walked into the compound he was paid to guard.

Banjo faced him, “this man traced this woman to this place. He is a criminal, call for help now now”

And the security man did just that.

TONI KNEW HE COULD NOT BE GRATEFUL TO BANJO ENOUGH AND AFTER OFFERING HIS GRATITUDE A MILLION TIMES OVER, he finally went to sit by Dede’s bedside in the private ward she was admitted in.

The woman he loved was yet to be conscious and even though the Doctors had assured him she was breathing steady and will only be out for a few hours more, he could not help but be worried about her.

He had been offering Funlola a shoulder while she was almost carried away into the middle of Kenya by a maniac.

He knew he had to set his priorities straight henceforth and whenever he had to be there for others, he had to make sure she was okay first. While he had stayed married to Funlola and had catered for her needs for years, she had almost died in the hands of a crazy husband and the only other night he tended to her again, the only woman he had ever truly loved was almost carried away by her sick cousin.

He glanced at CJ who was making a call in a low tone by the corner, he knew what the man was doing and if he knew CJ well, he knew Ehime was going to be dead in seconds.

Toni held Dede’s hands in his and placed a kiss on it, “Please come back, I am not sure I can live a day without you.” He muttered.

CJ ended his call and joined him at Dede’s bedside. “If my boys know one thing well, it is how to clean up a mess without much trouble. Consider that Ehime individual dead”

Toni looked up at him, “I would prefer he faces the wrath of the law”

“I am the law in this case Toni and he is certainly facing my wrath” CJ said with a note of finality and Toni knew there was no point begging him further, Ehime’s fate had been decided.

Funlola burst into the hospital, she stood at the door and watched Dede’s unconscious frame from where she waited.

“When did they say she would come round?” she asked, her eyes not leaving her best friend’s unconscious frame.

“In a few hours.” Toni said and she simply nodded. She looked better than she did the night before but the look of concern on her face was unmistakable. She sat by Dede’s bedside and held her arm.

“You don’t know how much someone means to you until they are lying lifeless in the hospital, threatening to walk away from your life forever” she said, “I just hope this is going away soon. We have all had our share of tragedy in the past months that it is only fair this cup passes over us soon”

CJ nodded, “My own tragedy is over though. I cannot watch my enemies lay around without being served what they deserve, justice” he sighed and watched Dede for a minute, “I am just glad Banjo took it upon himself to follow that guy when he suspected he was up to something at my house, if not, things would have been worse than this right now”

“I cannot be grateful for Banjo enough” Toni added, “and he won’t even take a dime from me”

CJ laughed, “when you have worked so hard for people’s trust Toni, you don’t have to pay them for having your back. It will become their day job”

Toni agreed with CJ and despite himself, he smiled.

CJ planted a kiss on Funlola’s forehead, “I am leaving now. I need to rest from all the troubles we have been through recently.”

The duo nodded.

“I hope you are feeling better Funlola dear?” she nodded in response to his question. “And I hope you know you can call me for anything you want at anytime you want it right?”

She nodded and smiled, she knew that. She knew CJ would always have her back, he did not have to remind her of that.

“Okay then. Be safe.”

He drew her up and held her in a very long embrace after which he shook hands with Toni and headed for the exit.

Toni followed him and shook hands with Banjo, “Thank you again Banjo”

Banjo smiled, “I am loyal to you sir!”

Toni smiled and as he watched the two men leave the hospital, he was grateful for the day fate brought them together.


“FUNLOLA, ARE YOU SURE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT?” Dede asked, glancing at her best friend from the driver’s seat.

Funlola giggled, she was looking radiant in a yellow knee length floral dress, one that hid her growing baby bump and brightened her already brilliant appearance.

“Back off Adesuwa. I am doing this for me and I have thought it over and over again and I am sure it I what I want”

“Funlola, you have never ventured out on your own ever…”

“Which is exactly the point of all these. I have never done anything fun for me. My whole life has been about pleasing people who don’t care and loving the wrong people. I just want to live right now”

A look of concern flashed through Dede’s face, “You are pregnant”

“Yes. Pregnant not sick.”

Dede sighed. She had tried to dissuade her friend from going to Dubai for a five month holiday but nothing she had said had worked, not even when she tried to call in Toni and CJ to convince the stubborn expectant mother.

In fact, Funlola had insisted she drove her to the airport, watch her get checked in and return home after.

“Promise me you will be okay and you will not have that baby alone in Dubai?” Dede said.

“I promise”

Dede nodded, knowing that it would be the only thing she would have to hold on to for the time being.

She held out her hand and took Funlola’s in it, “I know we have been through a lot together and we are still taking baby steps towards our healing relationship but I am glad you gave me a second chance”

Funlola giggled, “hey, everyone deserves that. Besides you and Toni are not allowed to get pregnant until my baby is one because I am dumping the child with you while I scout for a man to marry”

Dede laughed, she knew she was doing that which Funlola had asked for.

She waited until Funlola checked in and after they had hugged each other a thousand times over, she left her. Her phone rang as she walked towards where her car was parked. It was Toni.

“Hey babe. Are you guys there yet?”

“Yes we are”

“Is she fine?”

“We would have to trust that she is”

Toni laughed. “Okay. Has she boarded?”

“Yes she has”

She walked through the crowd of people at the departure lounge and smiled at someone who recognized her. It was a fine looking teenager.

“Why is that boy smiling at you like that?”

She paused and looked around, “Where are you?”

He chuckled, “Have I ever told you how much I want you in my life?”

“Where are you Toni Akinbami?” she asked, trying to find him in the crowded airport.

“In your heart, in your head and everywhere you want me to be”

“What are you trying to do now this man?”

Someone tapped her and she whirled round and saw him smiling at her, he ended the call, pulled out a diamond ring she was sure cost a lot of money and slid it into her finger while she stared in shock.

“We are getting married in about six months Miss Okosun”

“You did not even ask me!”

“That is because I know just like me, you are not willing to spend a day of your life without me!”

She giggled, “Still ask me.”

He shrugged, got on both knees and looked at her while a small crowd watched in excitement, “Adesuwa Okosun, marry me or I stalk you for the rest of your life”

There was no way she could control the tears that gathered as she nodded, “Yes! I will marry you Toni Akinbami”

The applause that accompanied her response was deafening, Toni stood up and hugged her.

He nodded and said thanks to everyone who congratulated them as he guided her back to where their cars were parked.

“Warning, I don’t have plenty money, I draw a certain woman named Dede Okosun in my spare time and stalk her on the internet when she doesn’t know and I have a baby coming on the way. You sure you don’t want to take your Yes back?”

She shook her head, “I am marrying you this way and I want to be a part of that child’s life as much as you and Funlola.”

He nodded, his hand taking its place on her waist, “Good, ‘cause I am never letting you go.”

She giggled as she nestled her head on his chest.

This was it, this was the beginning of her happily ever after.





And oh by the way, if I were to write anything right now, it would be Funlola’s own story and it would probably begin this way:

She accidentally dropped her phone as she walked to her seat on the plane but since her pregnancy began to grow, stooping to get things had become a herculean task. She was not a lazy person and she was not the one who asked for help in public places, so she tried to pick up the phone on the floor.

His hands reached it first. And because she had not been expecting anyone to help her with it, her hands had instinctively covered his and tried to yank it off her phone.

He handed it over to her. She looked up slowly, wanting to see the person who helped her and saw a well built man with chiseled jaw and a face that was only made to be on billboards in the heart of New York city, staring back at her with the warmest smile she had ever seen.

She had been caught up in the moment and only when she allowed her eyes roam his beautiful body which was hidden behind a white shirt and sky blue blazer and his neatly made dreadlocks, did she recognize him.

“Ishaya Bako” she muttered, putting a name to the handsome face and beautiful body.

“I’m afraid that is my name.” he said, the warm smile which had now began to unsettle her and warm her insides still on his face. “Are you okay?” he asked and without waiting for a response, gently pulled her up.

“You can join me in the first class” he said, “I actually would want you to join me”

But words had long eluded her as she stared at the Greek god in front of her like one who was in a trance. Yes she had seen his numerous interviews where he talked about what it took to be the biggest music producer and song writer to emerge from Africa, she had seen his shirtless body in numerous magazines in Lagos and LA and she had seen numerous red carpet shots of him with different women from different races but not once had it occurred to her that he would look this beautiful and unreal in person.

He held her, “Are you okay Funlola?”

He knew her name. How?

“Hey babe” they were interrupted by a tall fair skinned and totally sexy beauty who looked like she had been handpicked from the Kardashian clan and placed in the plane that was about to take off here in Lagos, Nigeria.

She looked from Funlola to Ishaya and Funlola looked from Ishaya to his companion, disappointment washed over her as she realized her god of sexiness and the one man she could ever call sex on legs was not alone. But hey, who was she kidding? Dude was a womanizer, the media never got tired of reporting his sexcapades.

“I was just asking Funlola Williams here to join us in first class”

Miss Kardashian look alike was certainly not pleased, “oh” was all she said.

Funlola pulled herself together, “No thanks Mr and Mrs Bako…”

“We are not married” he set calmly, the smile still on his face. That smile! It was going to be the death of her if he didn’t get rid of it immediately!

“Okay Mr Bako, I am fine here. You should hurry back to first class” she said, now that her senses were working again, she wondered what they were doing there? She hurried to her seat.

“Bye!” she said not looking back. She did not dare to look back because with that man, trouble was brewing for her.



Tomilola Coco’s Funlola’s Fairytale.

Lol I think that’s a cheesy title but it is what I would give this if I were to write it. See you guys! Mwah!!!



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