500 Traditional Hunters Offer To Go Search For Abducted Chibok School Girls

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Traditional hunters numbering up to 500 have offered to go in search of the over 200 school girls still in Boko Haram captivity.

The ages of the hunter range from as young as 18 to as old as 80, and they say were selected by their peers to carry out this duty.

The hunters didn’t consider themselves better than the Nigerian army, but according to their spokesperson, they “know the bush better.”

The hunters have been gathered for 2 weeks and are waiting for the government’s permission to go look for the girls.

“We are seasoned hunters, the bush is our culture and we have the powers that defy guns and knives; we are real men of courage, we trust in Allah for protection, but we are not afraid of Boko Haram,” said one elderly hunter, Baban Kano.

“If government is ready to support us, then we can bring back the girls. But if they are not, they should tell us so that we can disband and return to our homes and family.”



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  1. I sympathized with innocent Northerners who are trying to prove themselves to the rest of the country that they are not part of the these bad people. I can assure you all that these kids are not in the jungle they probably be somewhere in Adamawa State. I am call on the southern Hunters to saddle themselves to join their counterparts in the crusade. That is what we call unity and faith the motto of our country. Let stop calling this issue a Northerners issue Nigeria as a nation has some enemies out there that is trying to destabilized the country.

  2. Those who have sunmon courage shloud try n go to that bad forest n bring back our chibok girls pls for the nation sake.

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