360Submissions: The Kingdom by @Saheedt

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Once, in a far away land, a once-shoeless boy, was saddled with the burden of running an entire kingdom. A kingdom so rich, so blessed, so vibrant that even the sharp practices that prevailed in the land couldn’t stop it from blossoming. These practices came at a cost, it’s rich got richer, while it’s poor got poorer.

The once less privileged boy, on taking on this role, though now with shoes, was delighted, joyed, perhaps overjoyed by this glorious opportunity, but his past, his memories, the scars, they kept on haunting him.

Remembering how thorns had always made their way through his foot whenever he tried running as a boy, the agony, the wailing, sleepless nights filled with excruciating pains, those deep-seeded memories kept coming back.

So, the boy, after been entrusted with the mantle to RUN, decided to SIT. A luxury which he couldn’t afford.

The men & women with insatiable greed, the swindlers, back stabbers and the power hungry man-beasts in the kingdom saw through his weakness before the people who entrusted him with this mantle could.

They schemed, plotted and unleashed various evils upon the land, year after year, but the boy could do nothing. Comfortable in his sitting, not wanting to go back to the life of running, watched on as the people that had stood by him get slaughtered. Even the kids that had no say in any of the matters in the land.

The boy reeking of meekness & cowardice, sat deeper as the kingdom got bloodier, a sinking ship the kingdom had become, it’s people deprived of their sense of security or their lack of it, each man knowing he could meet his end as he goes out in search of food.

Overwhelmed by the blood bath, the people began to agitate for change,their voices getting louder as each day passes, but their differences always gets the better of them.

The future of the kingdom lies in the hands of the people. Will they sit back and let their land continually get defiled by letting the boy continue with his sitting, or will another be given the responsibility or leading the kingdom?

Time; the ultimate story teller will tell how the people decides to write the future of the said kingdom.


But Before then, #BringBackOurGirls.

Ajibulu Saheed.



DISCLAIMER: The characters, though unnamed in the above written article bears no resemblance or links to any persons, living or dead. Any resemblance between the characters in this article, dead or undead is a MIRACLE.

This article is NOT politically motivated, the writer is NOT a card carrying member of any political party or an affiliate to any. Just a concerned citizen worried about his future.



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