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#360Focus today features a young man, who is doing well for himself, one of the youngest and most brilliant CEO’s. Graduated with a degree in Geography and Planning from the University of Lagos, Olaniyan Ifeoluwa, CEO Gold-Pillars event proffesionals in this interview with KINGFEMII talks about where how he started and where he’s heading.

Your full name and nickname sir

Ifeoluwa Olaniyan


Your family structure, background, what you do and how it all started

I’m a Yoruba man from Osun state, born into a Christian family of 4 boys. Growing up was pretty normal and easy. Had my secondary education at the Federal Government College Ijanikin, Lagos. And went on to the University of Lagos to study Geography and Planning. Graduated in 2008.

I currently am an Events manager and wedding planner, started off as an events decorator after I met a friend in Unilag who owns an events decoration company. I’ll say I had all my basic trainings under him and then I moved on to set up mine 3 years after I’d been with him.

I ran events decorations for a while till I started to feel uneasy with the way Nigerian events I did décor for turned out: that drove me to getting a certification for planning projects and as soon as I was done, I started off a planning and management arm for both corporate events and weddings.

Wow… let me famz you small; I graduated from I.J too and I’m currently in Unilag too (laughs)

Family (Laughs)

So is there anything other than what you are doing now that you would rather do?

Well, I’ll say what I currently do as business is in every way going to culminate into the big plan for my life; which is to create businesses for as many idle hands and job seekers as I can get off the box of the jobless

So who are the three people you admire? Mentors

My pastor (Bolaji Idowu) he’s a real inspiration, Fela Durotoye and Lanre Olushola; they’re currently living out my future. (I’ll get in their shoes and outdo them shortly though (laughs))

So as an events manager/planner… you must have done some high profile jobs, which would you consider the biggest of them all and the influence it had on your career

One huge event we’ve had was in November 2013, the contract to plan the African annual regional week long convention of the Tiens Group, a multinational conglomerate in fields like bio-tech, education, retail, tourism, finance, international trade and e-business etc. their business reaches over 190 countries, with branches in about 110 countries, including Nigeria.

In Nigeria I think they are known for health, food and skin care products as well as health care appliances. Planning the event built a new level of confidence in my work team. Pulling off that event successfully was a giant stride for us.


Wow that’s a big one o…. do you have any regrets so far?

The only regret there would have been is; I should have started out earlier. But with God’s backing, it’s all working out right….

To God be the glory bro…. so do you have any project you are currently working on?

We’re planning event service(s) trainings: event planning/management event decoration, make-up art and other services required for events. The intention is to reach and train at least a hundred people and do the work of guiding them into building thriving businesses by every means at our disposal.

Who is the biggest influence on your life?

Hmmm… God, He inspires all that I do; I’ll say every action I take is ultimately determined by His leading… I’ll feel totally out of tune if I dint hear Him say; hey take this action or make that move, and I did…

And for men, there are different influences from different people for different aspects of my life, but my fiancée has a great influence on me too.

Aww… Quite romantic J …what’s your vision of a perfect society?

My perfect society: A society that supports the dreams and desires of men with education and skills.


I sincerely don’t see the need for rallying parties, (as many as we have) and causing confusion and unnecessary rifts. If we all (all political parties inclusive) share the common goal of building Nigeria and not a goal to outshine, outdo or mock the other, we’ll do very well.

So what’s your magic formula for success?

Delivering unbeatable services at every opportunity.


Yeah so this is the most friendly part of the interview…. #TeamCOKE or #TeamPEPSI?

(Laughs) #TeamCOKE

Seriously? So coke is winning…. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m a Pepsi fan though

(Laughs) you bet!

Advice to the youth

In every man lies a purpose, discover it, deliver it; therein lies your success!

Thank you very much for your time sir

Its my pleasure…. Appreciate you and your crew!



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